Hurting the Vulnerable – Whilst Padding their Pockets

8 Apr

tn county hall_v_Variation_1

In case you missed this, Kent County Council is paying £5 million to outside consultants to work out how to cut its social welfare spending on vulnerable adults.

It also spent more than £4.5 million on consultants in just one year – the equivalent of more than £370,000 a month.

The arrogance of its entrenched Conservative leadership is staggering.

Last year whilst its Family and Social Care Directorate spent £267,000, its Business Strategy and Support unit spent MORE THAN SIX TIMES the figure, including on “executive coaching”.

The KM Group reported that:

A company called Unlimited Potential was paid nearly £18,000 over the year.

Its work for KCC, according to its website, involved “a number of soft skills and developmental workshops for all individuals with the authority including the emergency services”.

It additionally provided the authority with “leadership for beginners and personal confidence workshops for individuals at all levels”.

A consultancy called The Change Corporation, which was paid £15,550, says on its website: “We guarantee measurable results for your organisation delivered through changing culture and behaviour, increasing motivation, confidence and skills and developing world-class leaders.”

Passe Partout, another executive coaching agency, received £13,600. The company website states: “Our strength and our passion is to uncover the psychological and cultural factors that drive performance and behaviour inside organisations. It really is our passion – we talk about this stuff over dinner!”

KCC is hacking away at funding for libraries, refuges for victims of domestic violence and more. But it employs more people on salaries of more than £50,000 than all but one other authority in the country, with 491 staff earning above the figure.

Throw the councillors allowing this out. Vote Green for an accountable, fiercely independent voice in county hall.


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