16 Apr


Our candidate for Ramsgate, Mike White, has been asked “what action he would advocate to resolve the Pleasurama site situation”. Here’s his response:

The Pleasurama site is a major issue with Ramsgate residents and cannot be left to languish till 2017. The developer SFP obviously does not have the funds for the project and therefore the contract should be cancelled. They have been given till next month to prove that they have funds for the project before this process can begin. The cancellation of the contract could cost the council one to two million but if these figures are genuine this eyesore (accentuated with the empty casino building) would cost Ramsgate far more on lost tourist revenues and on going legal wrangles when nothing is done in 2017.


On no account should SFP be given the freehold for the site at a knockdown price, or any price for that matter. The next question is what can be done with the site once SFP have been dismissed. There would probably be another huge delay in finding another genuine developer and there is also a problem, I believe, in the fact that the site is nominated as a flood risk.


Controversially therefore I would like it to be returned to a recreational area for families with a play area but this may not be to everybody’s liking – and to get something sorted out with the casino building as an all weather recreational area, indoor market with cafes or even an ice rink.


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