Welcome to Thanet Green Party.

We are an independent-minded collection of people dedicated to helping make Thanet a better place with more jobs, improved social housing and access to it, battling corruption, fighting for greater transparency and increased investment in clean technologies and manufacturing.

Contrary to the stereotype we don’t all wear rainbow-coloured woolly jumpers, care what sort of light bulb you use, mode of transport you take (although it would be great to see affordable, renationalised railways and improved, extended cycle paths) or ooze sanctimony.

What we do is care passionately about is both the state of the world – economically, environmentally and socially – and this particular corner of it. We have lots of interesting projects on the go, love working closely with other grassroots groups looking to do something positive in the community and are one of the fastest-growing local Green Parties around.

We meet monthly, usually in a pub (where else!) to talk about everything from local to national issues on topics ranging from housing, energy policy, to supermarkets, the war on drugs to the state of our High Streets. We’re growing fast and welcome new members. (Yes, we know it’s seen as a bit passé to join a political party these days, but you’d be surprised how interesting it is) and we believe with your support we could get a lot done.

Head over to our contacts page here to find out how to get involved!


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